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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Do you edit photos?

Yes we do. From my experience people want something different, something that will make their photos unique. Hence you will find one may want vintage edit or even black and white. We do this to ensure you get the most unique photos.

Do you do videos too?

No, we don’t but I can recommend you to the one who takes high quality videos. We have worked with them so I can assure you of their work.

Do you do destination wedding? And how much do you charge extra for destination wedding?

Yes we do offer destination wedding. We do charge a little fee for the accommodation, distance as well as the time used to travel.

Do you have an extra photographer when shooting?

Yes I do. This way we don’t miss to take photos of your cherished memories.

How many hours would you take in each wedding shoot?

It all depends on you, but an ideal one is 8 hours.

How long do you take to deliver the photos?

We always want to prolong your fun by having your photos ready after honeymoon. Though sometimes it can be a challenge if your honey moon was less than three days.

How many images do you take and deliver?

We take a lot of photos, hence we go back to our studio we filter and choose the best and edit. We take about 50 to 100 photos. But if you want more we can discuss on the number and we will deliver.

Can you include some words on the photograph?

Yes we do. If you are interested in adding words in the photos we can do it for you. All you got to do is tell us the words you want and we do the rest.

Can you make an album? If so how long do you take to make an album?

We make albums, we have portfolios in which you can choose the design you like. Then we add photos to your album. To produce quality album it may take time but we don’t delay. Mostly it takes 4-6 weeks. The pages of the album depends on you.

What type of cameras do you normally use?

Our major goal is to ensure your memories will live forever. Hence we use cameras that produce clear with high resolution photos. We also high quality lenses. Our experiences with the cameras are good and if you need proof we can show you our portfolio of the previous works done. We never do flash instead we use natural lighting.

In case we cancel the wedding, is there refund?

Unfortunately we don’t do so. This is because this date is closed and no one can book the day. But we don’t ask for any other money.

Do you offer any discount?

Once in a while we offer discounts. This is to promote our work and also strengthen our bond with our clients.

What do I need to reserve the date?

You need to sign a contract and pay the deposit. Then you leave it to us to make your wedding photos unique.